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Zata Spinning Reel

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Revo® SX Spinning

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Abu Garcia® Spinning Reels Go Where the Action Is

There is no faster fishing than that which occurs using a Spinning Reel. Anglers love the challenge of landing fish that are constantly on the move, appearing out of nowhere and disappearing just as quickly. They revel in the breathtaking leaps of largemouth bass and the fight that ensues as it attempts to throw the hook. Or maybe it’s the unrivaled determination of the smallmouth bass that provokes combat fever right from the kayak, or a school of white bass on the surface. Such dynamic fishing demands gear that performs every time. Abu Garcia® Spinning Reels deliver the controlled, technical presentations every spinfishing scenario requires. In 1955, the ABU 444, the company's first Spinning Reel, was produced, launching a line of Freshwater Spinning Reels designed for versatility and maximum casting distance. Today, our line of Spinning Reels is designed to be lighter, more compact, and more powerful than ever.

Freshwater Spinning Reels That Deliver

Love hard water? The Max Ice Spinning Reel provides maximum performance at an affordable price, with features like an Everlast bail system, Rocket Line Management system, and a one touch collapsible reel handle design that will make you love it even more. For the thousandth cast that’s as smooth as your first, the ZATA Spinning Reel is for you: it features a one-piece, Computer Optimized Gear (COG) design, which is not only fast, but smooth. No matter what spinning reel you choose, you need superior drag, smooth castability, and the capacity to stand up to the rigors of fishing day in and day out. Out to win fish? We’ll help you determine the right Spinning Reel that checks every box.