Conventional Reels

Made with epic battles in mind.

Abu Garcia® Conventional Reels Help You Achieve Your Personal Best

Abu Garcia® performance fishing gear is built for those for whom only the best — their personal best — will do. And even though you can’t control the fish’s world, you can control what gear you use to land it. We know the champions use Abu® when they want the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. But for those who choose to fish, being the champion of the local honey hole is no less weighty an endeavor. If there are fish to be found, Abu Garcia® is the perfect choice. Our Conventional Reels are built for no-compromise quality with fishing-landing design and features galore, all designed to push your personal fishing limits.

Take a Conventional Reel to the Finish Line

If you still need the Abu Garcia® Conventional Reel imprimatur, you can get it from National Walleye Tour Green Bay Champion Korey Sprengel. He swears by the Ambassadeur® ALTUM™ DLC. In addition to a lighted digital line counter that can be adjusted depending on the line type, the Altum™ Syncro conventional reel incorporates a highly adjustable syncro drag system. Korey is the ultimate pro when it comes to those who choose to fish hard and it’s no surprise he takes an Abu Conventional Reel to the finish line – after all, it was made for champions with epic battles in mind.