Baitcast Combos

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Zata Baitcast Combo

From $209.99

Abu Garcia® Baitcast Rod & Reel Combos Are Built for Battle

Impressive power, extraordinary speed, and complete control characterizes our Baitcaster Combos. For bass casting adventures and the thrilling battles that ensue, an Abu Garcia® Baitcaster Reel paired with an Abu® Rod, known for its lightweight construction that delivers and is packed with features, there is no better weapon for on-the-water success These Baitcast Rod and Reel Combos put increased strength, reduced weight, sensitivity, and durability in your hands.

Power Combos with Features Galore

Seeking a power Combo packed with features? You’ll find our Zata Baitcast Combo is geared for performance. It’s lighter, it has more design features than ever, and it’s suitable to most fishing styles. You’ll also like the MaxToro Combo. For all of your heavy-duty applications, the MaxToro delivers high performance features specifically engineered for casting larger baits and fighting hard pulling fish. Choose our Catfish Commando Casting Combo for a setup engineered with the performance and power required by serious catfish anglers. Get to know the Silver Max Combo if only for its Rocket Clutch system. And first-time anglers will be hooked with the Gen Ike EZ Cast Baitcast Combo, inspired by Mike Iaconelli – it offers cutting edge design and precision performance. A perfect choice for first timers.